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By: clearvertical | 2 Oct 2017

We’ve all seen that eerie glow from badly aimed floodlighting at a local sports pitch. There is a misplaced idea that pointing luminaires up into the air spreads light further, when all it really does is push light upwards. The local residents and ecology are unlikely to be happy about this, and rightly so. This should, however, be a thing of the past. We have no end of quality, well-designed luminaires…

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All Things Bright And Beautiful

By: clearvertical | 7 Feb 2017

When designing lighting for sensitive commercial landscape areas, there’s a lot to consider. Defining what ‘sensitive’ means in the first place can be tricky. From a lighting perspective, it generally means the following: Endangered ecology receptors such as bats, newts, birds, badgers etc. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) where a dark vista is preferred. Residential receptors located near a new installation that may be negatively affected by increases in light. The big question you should always…

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Is it the way forwards or just plain wrong?

By: clearvertical | 10 Oct 2016

Have you come across them yet, the sustainable replacement companies in the lighting industry who are misleading their clients under the banner of ‘energy saving’? Well they are out there and are popular because the layman (and let us face it that is most of our clients) do not have a clue what they are actually getting except they ‘appear’ to be saving energy from doing a straight swap. Well we need to educate our clients and the general…

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Glass roads; is it a glass ceiling in disguise?

By: clearvertical | 10 Oct 2016

An artist’s conception of engineer Scott Bursaw’s proposed solar roadway, which would resist ice and snow courtesy of CNN An article from CNN stated that companies in the US are working on making solar glass roads to stave off snow and ice. This principle sounds fantastic in the true sense of the word, but what if? Can we see it working? Could it work in the UK or Europe? What…

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How Does Your Garden Glow?

By: clearvertical | 6 Sep 2016

With limits on space and time, what is the best way for your outdoor space to really come alive after dark? The first rule is subtlety; too much of a good thing can overpower the beauty of the plants and landscape design, so keep it simple. Colour temperature Think about colour temperature of your light sources. Lamps tend to range from 2000 Kelvin (K) to 6000K for most commercial LED or lamps. 2000K is a warm colour close to the red…

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A Quantum leap or dotty idea, you decide?

By: clearvertical | 4 Mar 2016

A link from my on line newspaper (it does Lighting Ltd – a luminous world) brought to my attention the rather exciting idea of using Quantum dots to enhance and develop the already growing area of OLEDs. It would appear that by using the dots they can increase the efficiency of OLEDs, make the more economically and they are less toxic to the environment so surely this might be a viable option for moving this technology into a usable and…

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Glow In The Dark Veg!

By: clearvertical | 3 Mar 2016

So what do you know, the scientists out there have come up with a way of adding a bioluminescent element to plant life and trees and are marketing it as a way to light our streets. On first reading about this I was fairly intrigued, free light from something which is already part of our street scape is definitely a good idea. However what about the more technical aspects and the effect on the plants and their wellbeing?

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