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Lighting and Environmental Impact Assessments

We work with a wide range of clients to ensure that ecology, wildlife and our planet are all cared for and considered within your design process.

We can support you with Lighting Impact Assessments (LIA’s) and Environmental Statements to sit within your wider Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s).

We’re more than a bit of an expert in bats, birds, newts, badgers and even slowworms – all endangered and protected species.

Our detailed reports will include:

  • a site survey to discover baseline ambient lighting levels;
  • a full lighting specification to move forwards to the design stage;
  • sample areas to evidence potential impact and;
  • mitigation measures to support the ecology receptors.

We’ll cover topics such as obtrusive light, sky glow and light nuisance. All of this along with Local Authority and British standard compliance for development approvals, including commercial, residential and sports projects.

flying bat with a grasshopper in its mouth

Making design work within our planets needs

We have strong working relationships with Local Authorities, even designing directly for some of them which gives us unique knowledge of their requirements and policies. This helps us to cut through red tape and get your design approved faster. Want a lighting design that is innovative and compliant, then we are the only consultancy you need. Call today on 01908 560110 or email us for a quote at

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