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Sales Centres

Create a sales centre that helps your buyers to already feel at home.

From the moment your potential customer enter your sales centre you want them to think about how living in their new home might feel. That’s why creating the right ambiance for the space is so important. Not only do you want it to highlight the key points of interest so your homes sell quickly you also want your staff to have the right environment from which to truly show your development at its best. If they are happy so will be the customers.

When you light a space appropriately you give a sense of home to those visiting.  You can create warmth, excitement, interest or merely a desire to stay and chat rather than leave. We instinctively know if a space “feels” right to us and if it doesn’t we want to move away or just simply won’t feel comfortable which is not condusive to buying a new home.

Setting the tone from the start gives your buyers the sense of quality they can expect from your build. They can enjoy the experience and it can even help them remain open to spending more than the perhaps they planned to. We can help you use light to enhance the sales experience and to set your development apart from the rest.

We specialise in lighting for health and well-being which through our research has given us the knowledge to affect our basic biology through the use of artificial circadian light. Let us help you use this knowledge to start incorporating health into your projects where not only can you enhance the sales experience but you can also retain happier staff and reduce sickness.

We are available to talk through the options, formulate a cost effective design and help you secure the best prices for specified product. We are completely independent so all of this is done with your project as the focus and not our bottom line.

Create better spaces with light, call it does Lighting Ltd now 01908 560110 for more information.

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“Creating the right ambiance for the space is so important. Getting it right gives you happy staff and customers who are keen to buy.”

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