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Harness the power of artificial daylight to get better quicker!

New research has been conducted to prove that a hospital bed closer to a window speeds up your recovery time by up to as much as 3 days. So with the restrictions on hospital layouts and beds simply not being available closer to a window how do we overcome this whilst still reaping the benefits?

With the progression in LED technology producing a full visible spectrum light source which follows the Planckian Black Body curve, we can now produce a light which closely mimics the characteristics of natural daylight. Installing this in healthcare facilities, hospitals, care homes and even hospices can aid in reducing time spent in hospital therefore ensuring that the patients get the best facilities in which to heal or improve health.

The reason as to why the light helps is simple, it keeps your body clock in sync and therefore helps you sleep. Our circadian rhythm is controlled by many of the cells in the body and certainly all the major organs, so if all elements of our bodies functions are working collaboratively then this can aid the body to heal faster and helps us generally feel better.

At it does Lighting Ltd we are qualified to design lighting schemes to produce the most natural artificial light possible and therefore bring these benefits to your facility or even your home. Contact researcher and designer Lorraine Calcott now for further information on how we can help.

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“It keeps your body clock in sync and therefore helps you sleep.”

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