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Lighting Design Training

Do you understand what goes into a lighting design? Would you like to?

Designed specifically for local authorities, planning departments, housing developers, ecologists, architects and landscape architects we’ve designed a course to help you “talk the talk” with lighting professionals, ensuring you understand enough so you can ask the right questions of your lighting designers, establish their proficiency and fully understand the outcomes of the projects they produce for you.

Competency in this specialist area is crucial to avoid risk, and save time and money ensuring your scheme complies with the many technical aspects of an adoptable lighting design.

Our one-day (or two half-days) intensive face-to-face course (that’s 8 hours with our founder, Lorraine Calcott, who has over 30 years of industry experience), can be delivered at a date and location to suit you.

Designed for:

  • M&E Consultants
  • Planners
  • Project Managers
  • Natural England
  • Architects 
  • Local Authorities
  • Developers
  • Quantity Surveyor’s
  • Government officials 
  • Ecologists
  • Dark Skies 
  • Housing Associations
  • Landscape Architects
  • Parish Councils
  • County and Local Authority Councillors
  • Universities, schools & colleges

The basics of light, how it affects us as humans, how we use it, see it and exist because of it!  

Within this section, Lorraine explains the different types of light and all of the underlying things you’ll need to understand to review a lighting design.  This segment fundamentally underpins the following sessions – we promise you’ll learn lots – including useful tips and takeaways that you can apply to many applications (even your home lighting).

Lighting design and why you need a competent lighting designer 

Covering guidance, designer competency, standards, compliance, CDM, Secured by Design and the differences between a manufacturer design and a fully British Standard compliant design.

We cover what limits our design choices, and what you can do to help achieve design compliance within your own speciality, covering general lighting principles as well as special considerations for the environment and local ecology.

How to spot a good and bad design

For the times you’ll be asked to review or comment on a lighting design – we’ll show you what good and bad looks like. We’ll discuss what can and can’t be achieved and what are the pitfalls of specifying certain things when they are not up to date with lighting standards.  

We’ll cover the details of BS5489-1:2020, the lighting classes and how they are applied.  

We also talk about the other standards and guidance, breaking down what the paperwork for a design looks like, how to spot a manufacturer design, what a risk assessment looks like and why they are needed. We finally touch upon emergency lighting to cover all bases.

2 hour follow up

To check understanding and an opportunity to ask any questions once you’ve had the opportunity to put your learning into practice.

Price on application. Minimum course size 8 people. Recommended maximum course size 15 people.

Don’t just take our word for it

“My team and I recently attended a one day training course by It Does Lighting, covering the basics of lighting design for town planners and other non-lighting professionals. I thought Lorraine’s delivery was excellent and the day was highly informative. I had very little understanding of lighting design prior to this. However, I now feel I have the skills to do an initial sense check on a lighting design/scheme, in that I would know what information to look for and how to tell if it has been properly considered. This will be useful at pre-app meetings and when reviewing initial plans, when I do not have access the a specialist lighting consultant. I would then be able to ask appropriate initial questions before paying a consultant to carry out a full review at the appropriate time. We also spent some time during the training thinking about the types of information that would need to be captured within a lighting condition. This was also really useful and will ensure that we can control lighting design appropriately, through each stage of the planning process.” 

Alex Tayler

Planning Officer, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

EDC appointed Lorraine to provide a training package for our planning team on lighting in the public realm.  The aim was to use the training to help us develop our approach around guidance, assessment and conditioning for lighting in future planning applications for Ebbsfleet Garden City.

Lorraine provided an exemplary training day, covering all key areas of lighting within the public realm that was comprehensive, but presented in a clear and logical manner, with lots of practical examples and real-world project-based insight that helped to convey the essence of her knowledge in a simple and digestible manner.

Her technical expertise was supported by a genuine passion for the discipline, which helped to enthuse our team with an interest and desire to develop best practise approaches to lighting going forwards.

Simon Harrison

Head of Design, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

Passionate About Lighting Design

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