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Section 278

Section 278 road lighting required? We are here to help!

Integrating your new development into the existing road lighting infrastructure can be a difficult task. At it does Lighting Ltd we have the knowledge, skill and experience to help make that part of your planning application quicker and easier.  We deliver projects across the country for leading developers and consultants; we have never failed to secure adoption for our designs.

We produce all the design information each Local Authority requires so you can quickly demonstrate compliance for your project and gain approval. All projects are covered for CDM2015 compliance as we have the qualifications and know-how to cover your risk that other consultancy may not. To cover designer risk your lighting consultant must be qualified to either IEng or CEng and be a full Member of the Institution of Lighting Professionals (MILP), anything less and you will not get your designs passed planning.

All stages of the design process are important. Getting the lighting right not only matters to the adopting authority but also shows your responsibility to your customers in ensuring their entry and exit of the new site is as safe and well-lit as possible. Safety is always our highest priority when designing a new lighting scheme and we work with the Local Authority to ensure we risk assess and manage those potential hazards from the outset.

Glare and spill light is often an important consideration to the design process and we understand what should be considered for your developments unique location.  This includes potential concerns regarding the environment or ecology. New LED lamp technology is very sophisticated so light lost to the periphery of the site can now be almost eliminated with a quality lantern and lens. Sky glow, from direct upward light, can be completely eradicated although some bounce from the road surface will always be present.

The design always needs to comply with BS5489:2013, BSEN13201:2015 and any other standards the Local Authority requires.

lighting scheme for a motorway

“Safety is always our highest priority when designing a new lighting scheme.”

We have strong working relationships with Local Authorities and even designing directly for some of them, giving us unique knowledge of their requirements and policies. Trust us to design your scheme and get in touch today at

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