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Section 38

Make your Section 38 street lighting stand out from the crowd!

Your new development needs not only to comply with the Local Authority planning requirements it also needs to stand out from your competitors’ developments and help reflect the ‘vision’ for the site. Compliance with BS5489:2013 is a key requirement however, it does Lighting Ltd can help you choose the right luminaire – from those on the specified list – to provide the best lighting possible for your potential residents to feel safe and secure in their new homes.

We produce all the design information each Local Authority requires so you can quickly demonstrate compliance for your project and gain approval. All projects are covered for CDM2015 compliance as we have the qualifications and know-how to cover your risk that other consultancy may not. To cover designer risk your lighting consultant must be competent and qualified to either IEng or CEng. They must also be a full Member of the Institution of Lighting Professionals (MILP); anything less and you will not get your Section 38 design through planning.

All stages of the design process are important. Getting the lighting right not only matters to the adopting authority but also demonstrates your responsibility to your customers in ensuring you have dealt with risk factors and thought about spill light and crime. We are the only accredited and approved Secured by Design consultancy in the UK so we are uniquely qualified to gain SBD compliance when required.

We are passionate about the environment and pride ourselves on working closely with planners, ecologists and Natural England to design lighting schemes which are always in the best interest of the site and its wildlife. Two of our projects have become test beds for industry research due to the unique lighting solutions we applied. That understanding will be further researched whilst writing the new Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) Professional Lighting Guide (PLG) on ‘ecology mitigation’ which will be published in 2017.

street lighting on new housing estate

“We are passionate about the environment and pride ourselves on working closely with planners, ecologists and Natural England.”

We have strong working relationships with Local Authorities, even designing directly for some of them which gives us unique knowledge of their requirements and policies. This helps us to cut through red tape and get your design approved faster. Want a lighting design that is innovative and compliant, then we are the only consultancy you need. Call today on 01908 560110 or email us for a quote at

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