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Ecology Lighting Mitigation

Bats, birds, badger or newts….whatever your environmental challenges we can deliver the lighting mitigation.

Environmental concerns such as ecology are something which seems to affect every site and its development. Here at it does Lighting Ltd we produce lighting mitigation strategies for projects across the country which are subject to varying degrees of sensitivity.

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB’s) are areas we specialise in where we work with your team and the ecologists to find the most appropriate way of lighting your development to keep planners and environmentalists happy.

We take our role in this process seriously and have researched extensively to find the best way to light for minimal ecological impact. Significant receptors on any site need special treatment to ensure foraging routes, roosts, nests, food sources and breeding do not change due to the impact of new lighting.

We work closely with Natural England, have attended ecology conferences and training sessions to understand from both sides what works and what doesn’t. We believe we are unique in this approach and it is reflected in the work we do and the planning approvals we are able to secure where others have failed.

As thought leaders in lighting for ecology we are also involved with producing new guidance documents for the industry. The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) is just one organisation who we are currently working with to produce guidance to help others through the design process. We are producing a Public Lighting Guide (PLG04) to support this which is due to be launched in 2017.

It is possible to light any development and still keep foraging corridors dark, protect nests or roosts and maintain a safe and well lit infrastructure for humans to enjoy without detriment to the ecology. So if your project has environmental challenges then speak to us about resolving them and helping you achieve a lighting design which meets all your planning and adoption requirements.

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“We take our role in this process seriously and have researched extensively to find the best way to light for minimal ecological impact.”

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