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About Lorraine Calcott IEng FILP IALD MSLL –

Director and Principal Designer

Lorraine Calcott is an award winning, creative, person centred lighting designer with a passion for how light can affect health and well-being. She is researching this subject for her PhD and is actively involved in this market sector as a thought leader. Her company has flourished from the beginning in 2004 and she has been instrumental in many important changes and developments in the lighting industry.

Lorraine is an Expert for the European Commission on SMART Future city technology and writes lighting guidance for the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) and the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) which is part of CIBSE. She has authored many papers and guidance documents including Secured by Design lighting and crime guidance. She continues to share her knowledge through this work and the delivery of CPD training.

Lorraine’s knowledge of lighting spans over 30 years and covers all market sectors. Her career before starting her company saw her in key positions for Thorn and Philips where she studied for numerous lighting qualifications. She remains committed to improving her knowledge of this exciting profession and completes over 60 hours a year of CPD. She is an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and holds level four status under the ILP’s designer competency structure which is the highest attainable.

Her passion for delivering design of circadian lighting for health has led to working with industry leaders for the care of the elderly, people challenged by mental health issues, those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. She advises on how best to use light to improve life for those living with health challenges from infertility or infants, shift workers, hospitals, to those needing end of life care. Lorraine believes that light is instrumental for our bodies and minds to perform effectively and remain healthy. We need to work with our biological rhythms not against them.

Her design and consultancy practice incorporates this ethos into all of its projects. Even her own offices have a full circadian lighting system installed to help maintain a healthy working environment for Lorraine and her team.