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Learn more effectively by using artificial daylight to improve cognitive function.

Wouldn’t we all like to have a bit of help when we are learning new things; well now we can. Utilising light which has been designed to mimic natural daylight gives our bodies and minds the boost we need, when we need it. Learning in an environment which helps to sync your body clock not only aids sleep but if the colour and intensity is modulated at the right time of day it can improve concentration or even aid creativity.

New research has been conducted using different colour temperatures of light along with different intensities. The research shows that when light changes in these aspects, over the course of the day, it can help the mind behave more naturally. It can even increase cognitive ability and help us stay alert after meals or first thing in the morning.

It is known that a teenagers’ circadian rhythm shifts dramatically when they reach puberty and this means that they naturally want to stay up later at night and wake up later in the morning. This goes directly against the education systems timetable where they are expected to learn from 9am when in practice they probably are not at their most alert till much later in the morning.

To help address this, having a lighting system which can influence their alertness when required, or just provide a more favourable and interesting environment in which they can learn, can only be of benefit. This of course can also apply to any learning facility or even conference rooms where attendees might be tempted to nod off during presentations.

To design this lighting system you need to be competent in this field as you are in fact influencing people’s bodies and minds, so this needs to be considered when appointing your designer. At it does Lighting Ltd we are working at the forefront of this research and technology so we can help you achieve a lighting system which best meets your needs and is safe for everyone to use. Call us now on 01908 560110 to hear more about how we can help you learn.

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“It is known that a teenagers’ circadian rhythm shifts dramatically when they reach puberty.”

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