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“Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment.” – Naoto Fukasawa

We Inspire, We design, We deliver and We educate – We do it all!

As a multi-discipline design consultancy we provide lighting services for as diverse a customer base as you can imagine.  We have over 30 years’ experience, innovate at the cutting edge of our field and are considered thought leaders in design for health, well-being and SMART technology.  So whatever your project requires, we have the know how to deliver your lighting design no matter how complex or aspirational.

Basically, if it can be lit, we can light it.  Our credibility has been built upon by constantly learning and pursuing knowledge.  We complete over 80 hours of CPD each year, research for the industry in many fields along with developing our PhD. level research into sleep and how light can synchronise the body’s internal clock.  Being in tune with your natural sleep/wake cycle brings a host of health benefits and we are keen to prove how it can benefit many sectors of the community with the production of empirical research.

Our designs not only take into account the space or the buildings key features we also understand restrictions on installation, maintenance requirements and whole life costings.  Therefore, we can approach your design from many directions to ensure you not only end up with great lighting but you also have a scheme you can maintain and saves you energy.

Planning applications are another area where we have extensive knowledge.  If you need to flood light a sports court or car park, have a building you need to bring to life after dark without causing glare or visually intrusive lighting then we are just the people to help.  We have delivered approved lighting designs for some of the most challenging exterior lighting projects there are and never failed to deliver.

We love to educate our customers and colleagues in the industry, as we believe knowledge really is the bedrock of understanding.  Why not take a look at our training page now?  There you will see how our training programmes will help you become better informed about lighting, the many aspects of designing it and how to get the best out of your designer.

Whatever your lighting requirement the team at it does Lighting Ltd can deliver on every aspect.  So why not call us now on 01908 560110 to see how we can bring your ideas to light!

Inspiration is something that is intrinsically important to all that we do in the field of lighting. We strive to inspire our clients, our students, our peers and ourselves to see the world of light and its benefits through different eyes. Each project calls for new vision. We like to push the boundaries of what is possible and create something not only technically correct but also visually inspiring.

When it comes to our work in the health sector we use our creative talents to apply light where it can best benefit those living with health problems. Everyone’s health is unique so each project also has to be approached in a unique and innovative way. This way we provide as much benefit, as we can, to improve health, well-being and sleep of those who will live or work with our lighting design.

Keeping pace with innovation means that when your project requires the best advice and design skills possible we are the thought leaders to provide it. We also use these skills with schools and universities to inspire future generations of lighting professionals to get involved in this challenging and creative field.

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Over a quarter of a century of lighting design experience, across all sectors, means we are uniquely placed to design projects where a diversity of skills are required. We lead the way in many sectors and always work with the latest technology and design practice to ensure you get the best possible results.

We seek to reduce energy consumption during every design process. We assess the maintenance of the scheme once installed and ensure you can easily maintain your design in a way that suits you and your facilities staff. We use long life LED lamp technology (where applicable) to minimise the impact on the environment. We always choose luminaires which will give you the best result for the technical and biological aspects of your design, meeting standards but also looking at the human aspects.

We don’t just see your design as dots on drawings we want to work with your architects or design team to bring together their vision with the proper use of light. Give us the chance to bring vision together, with light.

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The thing we won’t do is over promise. Your project is urgent, important and we are very aware of your pressing timeframes however, what we won’t do is promise to deliver something we can’t honour. We are excellent at what we do which therefore makes us very busy, so please plan your lighting requirements and give us enough time to really deliver the best design we can.

Of course we will do all we can to accommodate urgency when required and all we ask is that every project doesn’t come with an urgent “can we have it tomorrow” starting point. After all, lighting is not an emergency service, we are not saving lives! Give us the time to do your project justice and be assured we will deliver on our promises to you, giving you the comfort to do the same for your clients.

Do you find the time to explore what other parts of the design team actually do?  Where they add value and how expanding your knowledge of their requirements can actually help you to do your job better and more effectively?  If that sounds like you, then we believe you would benefit from one of our CPD courses that give you the chance to learn about the challenges of lighting design so that we can all work together more effectively.

These courses have been designed to reveal how lighting design works and what we need to complete our projects quickly, but also accurately.  How we can save you time and therefore cost.  What we have to consider as part of the design process and to truly show you how technically challenging producing a lighting design really is.  We need to incorporate creativity, technology, standards and project maintenance into the process and still deliver something which is on time, on budget and suitable for purpose.

Learning should never stop and if you have a need for professional development, talk to us about supplying it.  We can deliver bespoke courses, short lunch time seminars and our standard packages to those who work alongside the lighting experts.  Let us enable you to get the best from your lighting designer by knowing what questions to ask and what information to provide.  Talk to us now for further information 01908 560110.

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Take a look at our top ten lighting tips where we give you the basics about how to light for your domestic or commercial project. Giving you a better understanding of what you need to look for when choosing, locating or maintaining products helps us to provide a wider audience with better lighting. If these basic guides have whet your appetite for what lighting can achieve but you still have further questions, just get in touch, we would be delighted to help you learn more.

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