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Retail lighting

Shopping centres and high streets need special attention when it comes to lighting, as now more than ever, other technology requires integration with the lighting to ensure a holistic user experience.

We are thought leaders in lighting for spaces which require integration with the Internet of Things (IoT).  We can make your regional centre a truly SMART experience for your customers and visitors.

Lighting which can talk to the user as they pass by, log their movements or simply allow them Wi-Fi access via Li-Fi technology is all part of the interactive shopper experience.  Our service provides the design and consultancy support you need to deliver this.  We are independent and ready to help you, contact us now to find out more!

street lighting in city centre

Museums and gallery lighting

Sensitive, appropriate lighting for museums and galleries is a design area we care deeply about.  Light should enhance a piece not compete with it.  Our knowledge and experience in this sector means we can achieve this by using the right products, with the right quality of light, in the perfect location.

We are independent so you can be assured that your project will be treated as its individual needs require and you will be installing the very best product for the task without prejudice.

So if you want a lighting scheme as original as the art it illuminates, contact us now, we are ready to help.

museum stairway lighting

Domestic and garden lighting design

Is your home undergoing renovation or are you building a new one?  Are you stuck for ideas on how to best light your home?  We have had the pleasure of working on many domestic developments and providing innovative lighting designs.

Lighting can really make the difference to a space and often lends more to the mood and ambience than any piece of furniture or colour scheme could ever do.  Good lighting doesn’t have to be expensive however, ensuring it is thought about early in the project means that you stand the best chance of getting it right and giving the space the wow factor.

Speak to us about our different tiers of support; from an hour of phone consultation to point you in the right direction, to a full service offer which covers every aspect of the lighting scheme.

Get in touch now to see how we can help or look at our top ten guide for some instant tips on what to look out for.

interior lighting design

Sports & stadium lighting

Highlight your sports and stadium events in the best way possible with an independent lighting design produced by it does Lighting Ltd.  We are specialists in this field and will find the best product for your projects own distinct requirements.  We ensure you get the right illuminance, at the right height, for the sports or activities you are undertaking and that planning approval, if required, is catered for in our design.

Using relevant standards from Sport England or equivalent, we ensure you have the right light levels for all types of play.  Having lit some of the country’s premier sporting facilities including Wembley and Queen Ethelburgh’s we can take your stadium and turn it into a premier facility you can be proud of.

lighting at sports hall

Flood lighting

Glare, spill, light pollution are all aspects of flood lighting that makes design of a space challenging.  We at it does Lighting Ltd have designed numerous projects with floodlights and been successful in obtaining planning consent without exception for them all.

Having trained with world leading manufacturers’ means that our designs are independent, well thought out and technically proficient.  This ensures you easily get approval from planners and end up with a design which is fit for purpose.  Speak to us about how we can help your project through the design and planning phases to approval, as smoothly as possible.

interior flood lighting at a church

Golf driving ranges

Lighting a golf driving range is a complicated process with many factors to consider such as glare, spill and local ecology.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of golf driving range design.

We can address all of the concerns you may have and get your scheme past the planners and ecologist who may have concerns regarding the planned improvements.

Speak to it does Lighting Ltd for a clear picture of how we can help you.

golf lighting at a driving range

Passionate About Lighting Design

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