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Health & Well-being

Sync your body clock now to get better sleep and a healthier you!

Do you want to feel healthier? Do you have recurrent medical issues or just feel a little under the weather? Perhaps you aren’t eating well or sleeping as you would like? Then talk to us, as we are experts in how to use light to aid your sleep patterns to improve overall health and well-being.

Researching this subject and keeping pace with industry advances means we are at the forefront of this new and emerging field of science. The developed world’s health is suffering from our 24-hour society and well-being is something we all wish for which just seems further and further out of reach.

The current research supports the theory that life needs exposure to the right kind of full spectrum biophilic light to keep body clocks in sync and health at its optimum. Our circadian rhythms are crucial for our bodies to work effectively.

Although we are amazing creatures and can adapt to many different environments and situations, over time our bodies ability to cope without being properly re-set becomes harder to overcome and we suffer more. Most of us have experienced what it feels like when the clocks change or we have jetlag and this is just a mild form of what we do to ourselves every time we stay up late or don’t sleep properly.

So how do we address this? Artificial full spectrum lighting can now help address the imbalance by keeping your cells in sync whilst you are still indoors. So when you can’t expose your skin to sunlight this indoor alternative can entrain your clock and help your body function better. Get in touch now to see how we can help!

“Our circadian rhythms are crucial for our bodies to work effectively”

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