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Gateway Features

Make a grand entrance – let light lead the way!

Gateways are your chance to highlight the entrance to your development and create an instant wow factor which sets the tone for whats to come.  Visitors to the space start their journey there so what image do you want to create?

Does it highlight your brand, or perhaps your environmental creditials?  How do you want to be percieved and what are you trying to convey to the viewer?

Whatever structures, signage or landscape features you are using to create your gateway it does Lighting Ltd can light them in a way as to bring maximum impact.

Functional and feature lighting play a part both of which provide additional interest for the visual scene during the hours of darkness.

Structurally gateway lighting can also use dramatic columns and luminaires to form striking shapes which bring daytime impact that really sets apart your project from its surroundings and your competition.

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gateway feature lighting

“Visitors to the space start their journey there so what image do you want to create?”

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