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Bold or subtle we can design landscape lighting to suit your needs.

Landscape lighting gives a totally new dimension to your project when viewed after dark. Be it lighting up trees and water features to bringing drama and contrast to art or gateways, here at it does Lighting Ltd we can do it all.

Working with artists and landscape architects we are brilliant at producing a lighting scheme which enhances the features of the space and orientates the visitor by providing visual cues. There are so many facets to a landscape that its expertise and experience which leads us to choose the right ones to emphasise and the ones to leave dark. After all you cannot have light without shadow and its this contrast which really gives the view interest and depth.

When approaching this type of design we work closely with other members of the design team to ensure we get their views on what is important and that we help bring their vision to life. Sometimes colour is appropriate and sometimes its different tones of white. Bold illumination has its place along with subtle washes where the features speak for themselves.

We like to play with light, use its many facets and push the boundaries where we can. Controls systems and dimming can also be used to change the way the light interacts with the space and to dim the lighting when visitors are less likely to be present. This option also means we are paying attention to any environmental receptors in the area and allowing the space to become dark when people go home in the evening.

If you have an important landscape or sculpture to light as part of your development project please get in touch. We love to paint a landscape with light and welcome the challenge of creating something new and imaginative for your outdoor spaces. Send us details of your project to and lets get your project started.

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“Its expertise and experience which leads us to choose the right features to emphasise and the ones to leave dark.”

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