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Architectural building & facade lighting

Buildings can be beautiful by day but come night-time the lighting can sometimes let them down. Speak to it does Lighting Ltd about how we can light up your building to truly bring it to life after dark.

Listed buildings or complicated architecture are challenges we enjoy so please allow us to help you with your project and we can add another dimension to how your building is viewed after dark.

exterior architecture lighting

Light Art

Catching ones eye with well designed art allows them to become immersed in how they feel about what they see. This feeling is heightened when light brings art to life, or when light itself becomes art.

Are the hours of darkness bringing a space down? Start creating a light ‘buzz’ through challenging a space and its creative capabilities and bringing people together. From sculptures to landscapes to facades we can use light to transform and communicate the meaning by shaping a concept into art.

stag sphere

Social benefits are gained by enhancing spaces and promoting the creative quarters. People tend to feel uplifted in an environment that inspires creativity which can help deter crime and improve general mood and wellbeing. Regeneration projects and new developments now have a power go give that little extra to its customers by providing something unique and diverse in its location.

Light up your vision today and call us now on 01908 560110 for more information.

Lighting strategies

Many towns and cities approach their lighting on a piecemeal basis which can confuse the overall ‘look and feel’ of the space and continuity can be lost in the process.  To truly enhance your town or city a full lighting strategy can bring a cohesive approach to the vision and allow buy-in from those affected by the changes.

Getting the lighting design right at the inception really allows tourism, residents, business owners and local authorities to work together to strengthen the offer for all involved.  We are strategy specialists and we look forward to working with you to bring your vision to life.

lighting design strategies

Sports & stadium lighting

Highlight your sports and stadium events in the best way possible with an independent lighting design produced by it does Lighting Ltd.  We are specialists in this field and will find the best product for your projects own distinct requirements.  We ensure you get the right illuminance, at the right height, for the sports or activities you are undertaking and that planning approval, if required, is catered for in our design.

Using relevant standards from Sport England or equivalent, we ensure you have the right light levels for all types of play.  Having lit some of the country’s premier sporting facilities including Wembley and Queen Ethelburgh’s we can take your stadium and turn it into a premier facility you can be proud of.

lighting design drawing for sports field

Flood lighting

Glare, spill, light pollution are all aspects of flood lighting that makes design of a space challenging.  We at it does Lighting Ltd have designed numerous projects with floodlights and been successful in obtaining planning consent without exception for them all.

Having trained with world leading manufacturers’ means that our designs are independent, well thought out and technically proficient.  This ensures you easily get approval from planners and end up with a design which is fit for purpose.  Speak to us about how we can help your project through the design and planning phases to approval, as smoothly as possible.

exterior lighting at a hotel

Town centre regeneration

Do you want your town centre to stand out from the crowd? We design lighting schemes which enhance your brand, work with your community and communicate with your infrastructure to ensure a lively, safe and interesting space for the hub of your town or city.

Talk to it does Lighting Ltd to find out the many ways we can help bring your community, lighting and technology together, we are here to help.

exterior lighting in a town

Golf driving ranges

Lighting a golf driving range is a complicated process with many factors to consider such as glare, spill and local ecology.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of golf driving range design.

We can address all of the concerns you may have and get your scheme past the planners and ecologist who may have concerns regarding the planned improvements.

Speak to it does Lighting Ltd for a clear picture of how we can help you.

lighting at a golf driving range

Light nuisance

A modern day problem for many of us and something which can easily be avoided with a competent design process.  Under the Institution of Lighting Professionals competency standard it does Lighting Ltd are a level 4 (the highest achievable) design practice. This means we can ensure all of our designs keep any stray light or glare to a minimum.

If you are already suffering from light nuisance in your home or office, get in touch.  We can help you challenge it through the planning department and resolve the issues to your satisfaction.

car park lighting for security

Passionate About Lighting Design

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