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Sync your body clock to slow the progression of Dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms.

The huge predicted increases in cases of Dementia, and its many forms, has been of much concern to the Government and the media in recent years. With this in mind my PhD. research into light and health has focused on how best to apply my knowledge to this sector.

After visiting many care facilities across the country, researching their concerns or requirements and speaking with those who care for patients, I feel that a way to improve sleep, and its regularity, would be of benefit to those who have the disease.  This would potentially help reduce some of their symptoms or even slow the progress if caught early enough. This application of biophilic light is theoretically very exciting and would benefit carers as well as those living with the disease.

With a synchronised body clock the result would be improved sleep which will likely reduce symptoms of anxiety, soften sundowner syndrome and possibly reduce the need for medication. This could improve cognitive ability and allow the person with Dementia or Alzheimer’s to lead a more normal life for longer. It could also help reduce the impact on family members and those who care for their loved ones.

To find out more about the use of full spectrum biophilic circadian light and its applications please get in touch at, we would love to help.

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“A way to improve sleep, and its regularity, would be of benefit to those who have the disease.”

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