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Leading the Way for Women in Lighting

Please join us in wishing our founder, Lorraine Calcott, a massive congratulations on her recent fellowship to the Institution of Lighting Professionals. 

Can you believe Lorraine is only the second woman ever to hold a fellowship and 1 of 22 active members who are currently a FILP, quite the achievement! 

A well-recognised body in the lighting industry, The Institution of Lighting Professionals, unites the skills of engineering, design, and technology. Through CPDs, training and support, it enables its members to deliver quality lighting for the built environment and achieve public benefit.  

Lorraine comments, “I’m super proud to become an FILP, to fly the Institution of Lighting Professionals flag and to represent women in engineering. After nearly thirty years in the industry it’s really important to me to give back – I’m intending to deliver more training in the coming years – hopefully inspiring a few more people with the joy of lighting design along the way! A big thank you to Allan Howard and Nick Smith (for being my proposer and seconder) and Clive Roach for his continued support, mentorship and friendship”.