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About it does Lighting Ltd

When you’re looking for a lighting consultancy that has a passion for lighting design and a vast and diverse experience in all types of lighting you need look no further. I’m Lorraine Calcott, principal lighting designer, and my team and I are here to help you.

We can accommodate all of your requirements and have vast experience in lighting projects of all sizes working internationally as consultants and lighting designers.

Our client base is diverse and our reputation and track record is robust, but don’t take our word for it, see what our other clients say.

Client Testimonials

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Lorraine is a world class lighting designer who has progressed to the top of her field. She is always very professional and is results driven so is always prepared to go the extra mile to satisfy her customers. I have used Lorraine on several large lighting projects over the years and would not hesitate to have her as part of the team on future projects. Lorraine is a very professional designer and well respected within her industry sector. She has produced excellent results on projects and enjoyed a high degree of success since starting her own consultancy in 2004. CMI have used Lorraine on several high profile projects to provide an added depth to our own designs with excellent results.

- Darren Marshall April 7, 2016

We are an award winning lighting practice that always delivers beyond client expectation

Meet The Team

Here to help with all your lighting design requirements, including lighting for health and wellbeing.

Meet Lorraine Calcott – Director and Principal Designer

Lorraine Calcott
Director and Principal Designer
Lorraine Calcott is an award winning, creative, person centred lighting designer with a passion for how light can affect health and… Read More
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Awards and Achievements

Striving for excellence and always learning so we can be the best choice for our clients.

Meet Barry Crook – Lighting Designer & Photographer

Barry Crook
Lighting Designer & Photographer
Barry Crook is an innovative and enthusiastic lighting designer who has the ability to realise contemporary and unique design… Read More
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Awards and Achievements

Striving for excellence and always learning so we can be the best choice for our clients.

All Party Parliamentary Health Group

As an associate member of the All Party Parliamentary Health Group we are closer than ever to the decision makers around health and wellbeing. Our mission is to ensure that we promote understanding of light within spaces and how it should be as natural as possible; we strive to increase wellness for everyone. We all deserve to work and play in well-lit environments that help us thrive and support the human condition. Light is crucial for our bodies so let’s not underestimate the impact. If you have issues that need to be raised at parliamentary level please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Proud to be associated with the University of Stirling

Working in the field of Dementia research is very important to it does Lighting Ltd.  The research we are undertaking is seeking to improve the sleeping habits of those living with Dementia and bring relief to those who care for them.  As part of this research Lorraine Calcott has aligned with the University of Stirling and their Dementia Services Development Centre (dsdc) where as an Associate she will help develop and deliver their training programmes to others in this field.  Lorraine is delighted to be part of such a prestigious initiative and will be working alongside some of the leaders in Dementia design.

Latest Articles

Neutral Carbon Zone

Sustainability is something that all of us at it does Lighting Ltd care deeply about. Everything we deliver is sustainable for our clients’ on-going benefit and has been produced by us with the minimal impact possible on the environment. We are a small company, however we still strive to be carbon neutral and are passionate about our green credentials. We are a Carbon Neutral Zone accredited company and each year we off set our environmental impact by planting new trees. Where possible we don’t print our designs, we recycle our rubbish, our building has a host of energy saving measures and of course we have energy effective LED circadian lighting, in short we practice what we preach. We do our part to save our planet, so working with us helps you to do the same.

Schools & The Community

Our community is full of bright and exciting new talent; we like to work with these groups and individuals so that we can best assist them in developing their skills for their exciting futures ahead.  The ways in which it does Lighting Ltd does this are numerous however, our main avenues for assisting the community are to bring in Nuffield research students for work placements each year and to help our local schools with career workouts. Both of these enable us to work with very inspiring young people who are keen to learn and experience all a design practice has to offer including, our ground breaking research into lighting and health.  We have engaged with some wonderful candidates and feel honoured to have helped them just a little with their career choices and work experience.

We are also STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) ambassadors where we actively encourage young people into science related careers.  From experience, the team knows only too well, that the lighting industry is not normally a first choice career. We want to promote this exciting and innovative industry to young people so that talented youngsters will make lighting a career choice and be able to take the lead in future developments.

Even as a small company its important to us to give back in these ways and we continue to support our community when and where we can.

Governor for the CNWL NHS Foundation Trust

Giving back to the community and supporting our healthcare services are important to it does Lighting Ltd.  Lorraine Calcott was appointed as a Governor for Milton Keynes in 2016 and will liaise between the Trust and its service users whilst feeding back any concerns and praise for those who work hard to deliver the Trusts services.

Passionate About Lighting Design

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