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Data Capture

Data is the new currency – It’s all about ownership.

Data has to be one of the most contentious issues when assembling any SMART digital city infrastructure. After all, how and when we give up our own personal data can be a very hard decision depending on how desperate we are for Wi-Fi.  In this age of constant connectivity, we will often sign up to any terms and conditions without so much as a glance at them, just to be able to surf or retrieve data.

Commercial enterprises know this. They trade on our need to sign up and sign on at will and the younger we are, the happier we are, to agree to the T&C’s. When we think about how a digital infrastructure might work, the use and capture of data becomes the leading topic of discussion. Should you own it, should the public, should you sell it, protect it or give it away freely? All tough questions to answer for one service provider but when you are bringing together many providers across a city, this can result in heated debate.

We can help you find the right means of capturing data and guide you through the mine field of what to do with it once you have it. Experts for the European Commision in Brussels, we have looked at this not only from the UK perspective but also from what those in the European Union feel comfortable with.

Being there to advise and direct your data decisions means we can take the strain out of this aspect of the Future city development. Let it does lighting help you become data savy whilst keeping your citizens information safe and protected.

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data capture for smart lighting

“Should you own it, should the public, should you sell it, protect it or give it away freely?”

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