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SMART Lighting Columns

Futureproof your roads and make them SMART

Smart cities need smart roads. Why not utilise more of what is already there? As difficult as this sounds, it’s possible! Discover the possibilities of energy saving LED road lighting as well as intelligent integrated smart systems.

By encouraging our cities to become smart through great lighting solutions we can reduce the carbon footprint and maintenance costs with intelligent control and monitoring systems.  After all, wouldn’t we all want a bigger piggy bank?

Smile you are on camera! Lighting columns can incorporate CCTV cameras reducing the chance of crime occurring and the fear that surrounds it.  A safer street can encourage more traffic flow and generally keeps residents happy.

Hundreds of regeneration projects take place each year and your street lighting can capture data through motion sensors which can monitor traffic flow, this can help people plan their journeys or councils map routes for refuse collection. You can now improve the knowledge, and data collection of a city through intelligent touches.

Your street lighting columns can also reflect the increased investment of hybrid and fully electric cars.  New and existing columns can now be installed with charging points, minimising the cluttering of the streets.  Users can plug in their pre-purchased smart cables, charge and drive away.  With Government initiatives to ease pollution and promote the use of hybrid and electric vehicles, it’s time to future proof your cities and recharge with smart solutions with it does Lighting.

Make use of your street lighting column, and make it smart.  Be ambitious and email us today to find out more at

smart lighting columns to power electric cars

“Being SMART can maximise the impact of your city’s services, highlights and attractions.”

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