Alexander Tayler, Ebbsfleet Development Corp.

“My team and I recently attended a one day training course by It Does Lighting, covering the basics of lighting design for town planners and other non-lighting professionals. I thought Lorraine’s delivery was excellent and the day was highly informative. I had very little understanding of lighting design prior to this. However, I now feel I have the skills to do an initial sense check on a lighting design/scheme, in that I would know what information to look for and how to tell if it has been properly considered. This will be useful at pre-app meetings and when reviewing initial plans, when I do not have access the a specialist lighting consultant. I would then be able to ask appropriate initial questions before paying a consultant to carry out a full review at the appropriate time. We also spent some time during the training thinking about the types of information that would need to be captured within a lighting condition. This was also really useful and will ensure that we can control lighting design appropriately, through each stage of the planning process.”