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By: clearvertical | 2 Oct 2017

How to light up your sports centre. We’ve all seen that eerie glow from badly aimed floodlighting at a local sports pitch. There is a…

All Things Bright And Beautiful

By: clearvertical | 7 Feb 2017

When designing lighting for sensitive commercial landscape areas, there’s a lot to consider. Defining what ‘sensitive’ means in the first place can be tricky. From…

Is it the way forwards or just plain wrong?

By: clearvertical | 10 Oct 2016

Have you come across them yet, the sustainable replacement companies in the lighting industry who are misleading their clients under the banner of ‘energy saving’?…

Glass roads; is it a glass ceiling in disguise?

By: clearvertical | 10 Oct 2016

An artist’s conception of engineer Scott Bursaw’s proposed solar roadway, which would resist ice and snow courtesy of CNN An article from CNN stated that…

How Does Your Garden Glow?

By: clearvertical | 6 Sep 2016

With limits on space and time, what is the best way for your outdoor space to really come alive after dark? The first rule is…

A Quantum leap or dotty idea, you decide?

By: clearvertical | 4 Mar 2016

Can Quantum dots enhance OLEDs? A link from my on line newspaper (it does Lighting Ltd – a luminous world) brought to my attention the…

Glow In The Dark Veg!

By: clearvertical | 3 Mar 2016

Let plants lead the way! So what do you know, the scientists out there have come up with a way of adding a bioluminescent element…