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Hospitality Lighting Design: The Wellesley Hotel


The brief:

To design modern LED lighting for a new space with an older feel to it. Glamour and status were to be realised in the design and lighting had to hit the budget and the tight timeframe allowed for development of the scheme.

The project:

A brand new boutique hotel brought to life behind the listed façade which was to remain. The client had aspirations for the space which needed to be realised in the lighting and its integration with the interiors designed by Fox Linton and the rest of the design team. The hotel boasts the largest humidor in the country and has a feel of the 1940’s art deco glamour about it. Exterior and interior lighting was designed by it does Lighting Ltd and achieved finalist status in two Lighting Design Awards in 2014 for the project.

The result:

Finalist for two prestigious awards at the Lighting Design Awards in 2014 this design not only hit budget but was also the only part of the design process to be delivered on time. The listed façade was enhanced with colour change LED however the colour changes were only to be used for special events or festive holidays so as to keep the effect simple and classic. The interior spaces were welcoming and cosy whilst saving energy on the original way of lighting a hotel with dichroic downlights.