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A Quantum leap or dotty idea, you decide?

Can Quantum dots enhance OLEDs?

A link from my on line newspaper (it does Lighting Ltd – a luminous world) brought to my attention the rather exciting idea of using Quantum dots to enhance and develop the already growing area of OLEDs.

It would appear that by using the dots they can increase the efficiency of OLEDs, make the more economically and they are less toxic to the environment so surely this might be a viable option for moving this technology into a usable and commercially producible product? They can even print them using the humble ink jet printer!

OLED’s are tipped to be huge in the coming years with talk of painting surfaces with light and having luminaires as flat as a piece of paper which you can roll up and take with you, so the sooner we can have them in the market place the better. They need to be energy efficient of course and this way of producing them apparently helps with that, so are the major manufacturers taking note and developing it too?

In a world that is moving very fast we need to be sure we are using the right technology and pursuing the correct direction so that valuable resources are not being wasted. Is OLED a clear future leader in the lighting market or will it fall into the shadow of the already established LED?

Any scientists who are developing greener lighting technology should be encouraged and I am keen to see what other new inventions are coming soon to our expanding universe. Who knows what will be next, but if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

Lorraine Calcott
it does Lighting Ltd