Clive Roach, Social Media Strategist, Global Integrated Communications, Signify

Lorraine impressed me form the very first moment we worked together. I hired Lorraine for a specific role but it became clear that her skills far exceeded my expectations. Lorraine demonstrated that she was a fast learner and also possessed people skills that meant that she could slot into a future sales and management role with ease, which she accomplished. She exhibited Lighting design and engineering skills which, when mixed with her natural flair and drive, molded her into a successful and much valued player in the industry. It was my great pleasure to have presented together with her, and also to have worked together on lighting design projects and also we collaborated with on-site lighting installation commissioning. Imagine how proud I was as her manager to be in the audience and see her present at the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) Young Lighter of the year competition. I am deeply proud of the many achievements that Lorraine has made since she first joined my department, and she has not changed at all over the years. I have met her recently at lighting events like Light and build and it is clear to me that she has vast knowledge of the lighting industry challenges of today. I am also proud of the fact that we collaborated in later years with Social media, and she went on to become a lighting blogger with a much defined style which is exclusively Lorraine! She continues to have a rich mix of lighting design skill and in-depth knowledge, business acumen, digital marketing know-how and a delightful personality. Without any doubt, Lorraine has been the brightest success story of my Lighting design career to date, and she has become a key player in the lighting industry.