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Street Lighting Design: Rochester Riverside, Kent



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The Project

This landmark site, by Countryside, is one of the largest being developed within the Medway area and will be delivered within the next 12 years.  We were engaged to produce the adoptable street, amenity and landscape lighting design to work within Medway Councils specification and those of the architects, landscape architects and the developers own aspirations for the aesthetic of the site.

The Brief

This riverside development has some beautiful feature areas and with waterside views from many of the properties, it has naturally been a sought-after site for those wishing to move to the area.  We therefore needed to ensure the lighting design would reflect the status of the build and the community it would serve going forward.  Lighting levels were as low as allowable to ensure no negative effects were seen on ecology receptors as well as having sufficient light for the safety and security of the human ones.  Key architectural landscape features have also been lit within the development to add layers of light to the space.

The Result

Lighting for Station Square along with some of its surrounding streets and open spaces are shown within the photos which really enhance the location and its beautifully designed buildings.  In the distance of some photos you can clearly see where the riverside has been kept appropriately dark to protect the ecology whilst providing safe and uniform lighting to the streets.  There is no direct upward lighting from any of the street lighting this protects the night sky from pollution.  Optical control, and where needed shields, also limit light from sensitive areas.  Countryside are delighted with the results and we continue to work with them as the remainder of the site gets developed.