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Lighting the Gateway to your town

Regeneration Lighting Design

When you want to create a welcoming and unique entrance to a town centre, gateway lighting offers the perfect opportunity to illuminate the entrance to a town centre, creating the instant wow factor!

The entrance to a town helps to create expectations of the experience that is to follow, and can leave a lasting memory, when planning and designing regeneration lighting it is important to consider the image you want to portray to those visiting for the first time.

From lighting artistic structures to highlighting signs and illuminating landscape features, it does Lighting can provide a bespoke design, specific to your unique gateway.

With Function and feature being of great importance when creating a visual experience for visitors during the hours of darkness, we have the creativity and the technical knowledge to create impactful and memorable designs that reflect the image of your town.

Imagine the entrance to your town, with dramatic columns and luminaires forming striking shapes that create an impact that really sets your regeneration project apart from its surroundings!

Basildon Town Centre, Essex – Regeneration Lighting project

One example of a town regeneration project that it does lighting have been involved in is Basildon Town Centre, Essex.

Our brief for this exciting project was to create a lighting design that would assist in giving the community a fresh image, to help them to portray their fun and interactive side and to help them to appear more welcoming to businesses and visitors alike.

Combining festive lighting with day to day functional lighting enables a broader approach to change, and allowed some room for revenue generation from the space.

The lighting enlivened the visual scene for the town and enabled the visitors to the space to interact with the lighting through control based interfaces. Lighting could be changed to suit the events that take place and could be used to bring revenue from local business by sponsored lighting scenes.

With a lighting makeover this town has seen its stark 1960s architecture given a modern twist with the lighting bringing colour changing LED and functional aspects which give a third dimension to the large concrete thoroughfare.

To talk to us about creating an impactful visual experience for your town visitors please get in touch

Crayford Park, Kent

Another example is a small park that lies in the centre of Bexley that was underutilised and mostly forgotten. The council wished to change its appearance and work with large pieces of art to ensure the park became the heart of the community and a safe place to sit, walk dogs or play.

The brief was to light the structures which were designed by the landscape architects so that they were bought to life after dark. A river runs through the park, this has a bridge over it which also required sympathetic lighting ensuring no detriment to the water way and its wildlife. LED was used across the space to ensure energy saving and containment of photometric light footprint. Colour change was used where is was most effective and water pools were enhanced by using light to show movement.

So how did we do?

Children now play in the water pools and the park, which has become the centre of the community again. The space stands out within the town and is a landmark for those passing through. The strong structures are bought to life at night showing another side to the park; it’s now safe and welcoming after dark.

If you would like to talk to us about your regeneration lighting project please get in touch.