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Barry Crook AMILP EngTech 

About Barry

Barry Crook AMILP EngTech is an innovative and enthusiastic lighting designer who has the ability to realise contemporary and unique design through the medium of light. Barry combines his lifelong love of conceptualising ideas, gained through the study of graphic and product design, with his passion for light and shade.

With over five years of photographical experience, he has become adept in the use of light and dark to create emotionally inspiring scenes. He continues to learn and development his skills gaining further technical abilities that showcase his creativity within real world situations.  He produces innovative and inspiring designs which will enthuse and delight others.

A strong believer in diversity of thought and education, Barry brings his extensive knowledge of health and wellbeing to it does Lighting Ltd. With over seven years’ experience of working with adults on the Autistic Spectrum, Barry understands the influence that light has on an individual in both a positive and negative capacity. Through research and investigation, he has become a strong advocate of the promotion of better health through light, and believes that our natural, biological rhythms are integral to perform at the best of our abilities.

Passionate About Lighting Design

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